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Pool Party.. or should I say Bath Party

So Saturday we all ventured up to James place to take advantage of the swimming pool at the mansion.  It was clear on the journey down however that the weather was going to be less than sunny as visibility on the dual carriage way dropped to nothing.  It really was raining sideways.  Now some people would have just turned back at this point and gone home to their nice warm room with the telly.  Not us though.

We arrived and promptly set about checking the temperature of the pool, which was a nice 35 degrees, and it wasn’t long before we were all swimming in the rain.  The pool was so warm it was literally like a bath and none of us cared about the weather outside.  There were points when you couldn’t see across the pool because of the amount of steam rising from the water.

Here are some of pic’s I captured on the camera phone when I wasn’t busy in the pool, there is generally a pirate theme.


Pool Party!

Just thought I would update the website before I go and get some well deserved sleep!! Just finishing uploading all 279 photos that I took, no doubt most of them are pointless and crap judging by the state I was in but what the heck :)


Pool Party

Pool Party



For a sneak preview check out this link