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Pasties for the poor

If your like me and enjoy photography/art and upload to the internet to show family/friends/random people, no doubt you use or have at least heard of Deviant Art. One of the almost hidden feature’s of this site is the use of Pasties which allow you to show thumbnails of uploaded images on your website or blog.  

There is 1 downfall to this though, in order to be able to show images from your own gallery you must first be subscribed which for some people really isn’t an option.  Thankfully Chronosign has come up with another solution which personally I think works a little better (Although a little slower)

Deviant Art Pasties for the poor

Simply enter in your Deviant Art username and choose how many thumbnails to display and hit Get Code and it will generate the code for you to put into your HTML.

Here’s a selection from my Deviant Art account: monochrometear