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GPS photo tracking for Free

Preparing for our trip to the lake district I really wanted a way to be able to;
a) See where I was
b) Geotag my photos on my return.

So after some digging around I came across a piece of GPS software called GPSed which is available for download on most mobile devices including luckily for me my blackberry.

The great thing about this service is you can tag photos to the “track” either from the device (for a fee) or from Flickr and assuming your computer and camera have their clocks synced it can fairly accurately tell you where you were when you took the photos. This then enables you to add the geotagging data to your image and services such as Flickr or Panoramio should be able to use this data.

For instance here is my track of our walk up the fell known as High Street in Cumbria.

After some jiggling about you can also export the GPX file and import it straight into google maps so that you can also post them straight to your blog like so.

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The following are images that I geotagged for our High Street walk in the Lake District

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