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Canon Remote Switch for £5

You may have seen my previous blog post about light painting and one of the things that I mentioned was the use of a remote shutter switch.

Now to buy one of these from Jessops for a Canon would cost £25 which for a piece of wire that completes a circuit is just plain silly.

So being the enterprising chap I am I made one myself, for the grand total of around £5, and now I intend to show you how I did it in a step by step tutorial.

All that you really need is as follows:

  • Soldering Iron + Solder(I already had these but Maplin sell them for £5)
  • Switch (£1.79 – Maplin)
  • 2.5mm Adapter(£1.99 – Maplin)
  • Required length of Speaker Wire
  • Pair of old headphones

Should be fairly obvious what you need to do next, but since this is a “How to” I’ll explain. 

  1. First strip both ends of the speaker wire using wire cutters/scissors/teeth.
  2. Solder the ends of the speaker wire to the switch (There is only 2 contacts so there is no way you could mess this up… I hope)
  3. Now you’ll be destroying those old headphones, remove the wire and all the plastic housing around the jack.
  4. If you managed the above step successfully you should now see 2 solder points, solder the other end of the speaker wire here
  5. Plug the headphone jack into the adapter
  6. Plug the adapter into your camera and take it for a spin!

The switch I used above is a locking switch which means you press it down and you need to press it again to release, this is perfect for light painting, but if you were going to be shooting portraits you’ll most likely want to replace this with a “push to make switch”

Obviously I’m a Canon shooter but this tutorial may work with other makes.