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So I decided to check if my website was still operational, and was glad to see it was despite the last update being back in early 2010.

A lot of things have happened since them, I’m now married for a start and we are expecting our first baby, which unfortunately means I’ve not had a great deal of time to spend on my various hobbies (I.E Drumming, Photography, Radio Control stuff), which this website now seems to be about.

Over the last year or so though I have found time in my busy schedule I have found the time to get some things done such as building a website for our wedding and the photos from our honeymoon in Kenya.

I’ve also found the time to get into studio portrait photography, buying a simple studio kit from Jessops. The interfit EX150 kit comes with almost everything you need to start (excluding a hot shoe adapter) and if I’m honest its a great little starter kit.  Now I just need to find people to use as my models that are not my wife (since she can be reluctant at times).  The results of my short time of testing can be seen below.

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I’ve also managed to persuade my brother to take up photography and his work can be seen flickr  To that end we have decided to start another website to display works from the both of us which can be found at

Now over the years I’ve promised to come back and update this website more often, kind of like a day to day blog but unfortunately I’ve always struggled finding the time.  I will endeavour to do better in future :)