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New Arrival


Hunter, a set on Flickr.

Been a little quite for the past couple of weeks due to the arrival of my son Hunter Black.

He arrived precisely on his due date 25/01/2012 weighing 8lb15 at 16:37.

Marwell Zoo

So last week it was mine and Sian’s berfday, and despite both of us suffering with the Flu we did manage to drag ourselves out of the house and get ourselves to the Zoo.  I of course had the camera with me and it was a beautiful day.

Here is my favourite (Which is a wonderful sleeping Leopard)

Happy Birthday Pam!

Yet another birthday this time its Pamela Perry (Bunce)

On this day in 1922 Egypt was granted independence by Great Britain, and yet another nuclear test as the US carries out its tests in the Nevada desert.

Hope you have a good birthday Pam!


Happy Birthday Pam!

Happy Birthday Pam!

Happy Birthday DK!

Cast your mind back 27 years when Margaret Thatcher was prime minister, Ronald Reagan was keeping affairs in order in the white house, Russia was running its first nuclear tests and Dean Kaxe was brought into the world kicking and screaming!

So Happy Birthday Voodoo_Hawk and we forgive you for being a bit weird but it was to be expected when you were born when Kraftwerk and Depeche mode were high in the charts!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!