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Cool, a photo by GaryBlack on Flickr.

Its been a while since I’ve posted anything, but this photograph was certainly worth sharing.

Hunter had his first snow at 11 months old, just old enough to get out and have some fun. It pretty much came up over his knees but that wasn’t stopping him.

Of course I got out there with the camera and this happens to be my favourite of the lot.


Tune! by GaryBlack
Tune!, a photo by GaryBlack on Flickr.

With my headphones on
Another successful studio shoot with my very patient son Hunter today.

New Arrival


Hunter, a set on Flickr.

Been a little quite for the past couple of weeks due to the arrival of my son Hunter Black.

He arrived precisely on his due date 25/01/2012 weighing 8lb15 at 16:37.

Wood Photography & Sienna Wall

So this afternoon me and Sian escaped to the woods as the weather was fantastic, and as we’re walking along she politely tells me to be quiet as she could hear a wooshy windy noise.  The sound she could hear was infact the noise that occurs when lots and lots of little legs hit the soft earth and that was when we noticed the ant hill with many ants flowing over it.  Words cannot describe what a fantastic sight this was, something straight out of a documentary on the Amazon.

So I got in there with the camera and did my best to capture the moment, by the end of it I was absolutely crawling with ants.

Returning from our trip to the woods we decided to stop in and see Sian’s niece Sienna, and since I had my camera with me I figured I’d try and get some shots.  I’ve always heard that photographing Babies and Animals can be a little tricky but I found it was easy to work with Sienna, she was a natural and seemed to play up for the camera.

Anyway enough of my waffling on here are the fruits of my labour.