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New Arrival


Hunter, a set on Flickr.

Been a little quite for the past couple of weeks due to the arrival of my son Hunter Black.

He arrived precisely on his due date 25/01/2012 weighing 8lb15 at 16:37.

New website launch

Those of you that have visited this website over the years may have noticed that one of my great hobbies is photography.  Which is why myself and my brother decided to launch a website selling prints in the vain hope that people may want some of our artwork hanging on their wall.
So without further ado I present to you

The rainy day tree

The rainy day tree by GaryBlack
The rainy day tree, a photo by GaryBlack on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Figured it was going to be an epic sunset this evening so went out with the camera. After pondering for a while on a suitable location, I figured I’d take the wife back to the tree that we had to hide under during a huge storm a few years back.
This is a little different to how I normally process photos since when shooting I was bracketing exposures, so I decided to blend them together.