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Fashion Boutique Newbury

If you live in the region of Newbury Berkshire you may be interested to hear of a new fashion boutique that has opened in Inches Yard, Lily.

Catering to people who are fed up with the same old, same old of highstreet fashion.  With some great designers such as JuJu & Christine and Cristina Gavioli.

GPS photo tracking for Free

Preparing for our trip to the lake district I really wanted a way to be able to;
a) See where I was
b) Geotag my photos on my return.

So after some digging around I came across a piece of GPS software called GPSed which is available for download on most mobile devices including luckily for me my blackberry.

The great thing about this service is you can tag photos to the “track” either from the device (for a fee) or from Flickr and assuming your computer and camera have their clocks synced it can fairly accurately tell you where you were when you took the photos. This then enables you to add the geotagging data to your image and services such as Flickr or Panoramio should be able to use this data.

For instance here is my track of our walk up the fell known as High Street in Cumbria.

After some jiggling about you can also export the GPX file and import it straight into google maps so that you can also post them straight to your blog like so.

View Larger Map

The following are images that I geotagged for our High Street walk in the Lake District

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Xbox Red Ring of Death…. #2

So around this time last year my xbox decided that it didn’t want to boot up.  No amount of coaxing would bring the console out of hibernation and the only sign that it was still alive was the 3 red illuminations on the front.  Now if you’ve been lucky (or you bought an elite) you’ve not seen this before but I can assure you its a very common fault due to a manufacturing flaw.

The good news was they had just extended the warrant in light of the fault and all that was required was to log it with Microsoft and get them to pick it up.  I was without my console for a couple of weeks while the boffins in Germany put it all back together and eventually I recieved the console back in full working order.

Now I figured that they had actually bothered to fix the original fault but last week I realised that they couldn’t have as to my horror it happened again.  The good news is I sent it off at the begining of the week and it would appear its already on its way back, so at least Microsoft have got their turnaround time sorted out.

Still I’ve yet to experience a single fault with my Sony PS3 so perhaps Microsoft were not so wise to just chuck out their next gen console so they could cash in on early sales.  If a jobs worth doing its worth doing right my mother used to say.

Hopefully it’ll be back soon so I can get back to playing some Rock Band!


Well if your like me your probably patiently awaiting Transformers: Revenge of the fallen and Terminator: Salvation which are both set to be released next month.  Now what if you could save some time and view both films at the same time.  Yes thats right I give you TRANSORMINATORS

YouTube Preview Image

Some people clearly have far too much time on their hands.
The release dates for both REAL movies are as follows:

Transformers: Revenge of the fallen – 23 Jun 09

Terminator: Salvation – 3 Jun 09

Electric Drum Kit with Guitar Hero/Rock Band

Now if you’ve been living in a box for the past couple of years you’ve probably missed the huge boom in so called music games.  The basic idea is you a scrolling bar with “notes” that you are required to hit in time to the music with your silly plastic guitar.

Things got a little more interesting with the latest series when Rock Band allowed the use of an additional drum controller so now you could play as a whole band whilst enjoying a few cold ones from the fridge.  The makers behind the Guitar Hero series quickly followed up with their own “Full Band” version and released their own drum controller.

I started drumming with an Alesis DM5 electric kit a fair few years ago and since I bought my acoustic kit it’s been sat their gathering dust, and I always wished there was a way to connect this up to my Xbox 360 so that the whole experience would be a little more true to life.

Now with the Guitar Hero World Tour drum controller this can become a reality, all that’s required is a simple MIDI cable and a little knowledge on how to set your drum brain up correctly.

The midi notes are as listed below:

Rockband / Rockband 2

  • RED - MIDI Note 38 - (Snare Drum)
  • YELLOW – MIDI Note 46 - (Closed Hi Hat, Hi Tom)
  • BLUE – MIDI Note 48 - (Open Hi Hat, Mid Tom, Ride Cymbal)
  • GREEN – MIDI Note 45 (Crash Cymbal, Low Tom)
  • ORANGE – MIDI Note 36  (Kick Drum)

Guitar Hero

  • RED - MIDI Note 38 (Snare Drum)
  • YELLOW – MIDI Note 46 (Hi Hat, Crash 1)
  • BLUE – MIDI Note 48 (Tom 1)
  • GREEN – MIDI Note 45 (Tom 2)
  • ORANGE – MIDI Note 49 (Ride, Crash 2)
  • PURPLE – MIDI Note 36 (Kick Drum)

Now it took me a while to work out that you also need to make sure you set the MIDI channel to 10 otherwise none of this will work.  As you can most likely tell from just looking at the list above, the Rockband configuration is alot more logical for playing on a real/electric drum kit.

With more and more people developing an interest in real drumming after playing these games it can only be a good thing that such things are possible.  Whilst you still rely on the screen to provide you with what your playing and when your playing, you begin to develop muscle memory which you can take with you to the real kit.

I currently drum with Razor Pineapples (Entirely fictional Rock Band 2 band) and Happiness@Gunpoint (real life band) so if you’ve got any questions/comments leave a comment.

Twitterberry 0 Ubertwitter 1

The current trend of so called Social networking at the moment is to be linked in constantly and able to provide such juicy details as (And I quote)

“going to eat a banana, read eclipse, and then go to sleep.” -

Now this may seem pointless to most people and indeed to myself but there is something incredibly addictive about spying on people’s activities and indeed allowing yourself to be spyed on.

So in order to keep up with this trend various clients have been released for the Blackberry and up until this morning I was attempting to us Twitterberry.  Now unfortuantely around about 2 weeks ago this decided that it was no longer going to download other people’s statuses leaving me tweetless for my journey home on the train.

So in response to this I removed the application and have installed Ubertwitter on my Blackberry 8820, which although is still only in Beta, seems to be a very tidy app.  This app also has support for location support, which works in the same way google maps finds your location on your mobile phone.

So now I can happily go back to watching the daily soap drama that is life from the discomfort of a First Great Western train.

And for those of you that are interested, here I am on Twitter

Happiness@Gunpoint have moved.

Now you may have noticed that Happiness@Gunpoint have been camping on Voodoo-People for some time, but they overstayed their welcome so I have kicked them out. :)



They now have their own place over at and soon their presence will be removed from our forums here and migrated to their very own space.  Be sure to update any bookmarks etc that you may have.

Lister has been and gone.

Sooooo the new Red Dwarf: Back to Earth…..

Perhaps I had built it up for myself too much, or perhaps I was younger when I watched the original series, or perhaps I missed the point entirely, but after watching the 3rd part on Sunday evening I can only say I was disappointed.

Each part of the episode just felt like an extended trailer for the most part and I was constantly waiting for it to get going, at which point the credits rolled.

All the ingredients were there, the original cast (Minus Holly/Hilly :( ) and a classic script parodying yet another popular film (Bladerunner), so where did it all go wrong?

1. Previous episodes were filmed in front of a studio audience, this unfortunately was not, most likely due to the amount of CGI that was used, lets face it the audience wouldn’t know what was going on.

2. Why is Rimmer a hologram again and where are the rest of the crew? Not that I was a big fan of when they were brought back in the first place.

3. Damn adverts, seriously this was a fatal flaw, the whole episode was too short as it was and Dave adding in their adverts seriously annoyed me.

4. CGI.  One of the things that I really enjoyed from the early episodes was how the whole thing was done on a small budget and how amazing a little creativity could pull off some amazing results.

Now I would love them to go and make another couple of series, but if this is a taster of what’s to come I don’t think I’d enjoy them particularly well.  So Doug if your listening go back to the basics of 3 men and an android struggling to survive in deep space with nothing to entertain them over than a couple of games of Junior Angler.

Razor Pineapple!

Just a quick heads up on a new band that’s going to be playing a venue near you ….. well never since its actually a fictional band in Rock Band 2.

Finally got round to buying a copy of Rock Band 2 over the weekend, so now my song catalogue (Since you can import the majority of the original game songs) is now in the hundreds, there are however many more song’s I’d like to download it would seem I’ve been caught hook,line and sinker.

To see the complete list of song’s available visit the Rock Band song library

Also be sure to check out Razor Pineapples website, to keep up with the latest news on the band :)


Unfortunately the bassist is MIA

Unfortunately the bassist is MIA

Carron Media

Just a quick plug for a colleagues web design and development company Carron Media

So if you know anyone who requires a fantastic looking website built from scratch, or just an update to your current one, Carron Media will provide a beautifully designed website using current web technologies.

Also if you design websites yourself be sure to check out the blog for some interesting articles and tutorials, such as how to build an RSS stream using PHP and Mysql. 

Listers Coming Home

Unless your a no-style gimbo with teeth druids could use as a place of worship you must have heard by now that the legendary Red Dwarf is returning to our screens over the easter weekend for 4 whole episodes.

Red Dwarf

Red Dwarf

Now the PR machine has finally started up and we can get a glimpse into who, what, where, when and why.
Now kindly cluck off to , before I extract your gibblets, and shove a large seasoned onion between the lips you never kiss with.

Thundercats Movie

Ok this was too cool to miss.  As far as I know there isn’t actually going to be a movie but someone has cobbled together lots of different pieces of various movies to create this trailer, staring Brad Pitt(Lion-o), Vin Diesel(Panthro) and Hugh Jackman(Tygra).

Far too cool, check it out.

YouTube Preview Image

New Red Dwarf.

If you haven’t already heard the smegheads are back together and recording 4 new episodes of Red Dwarf to be aired on Dave on April 10th at 9pm.  Now I can only assume that you are all as excited as me.  

If your like me and like to keep up to date on these things check out Robert Llewellyn’s blog page Llewtube or check out his twitter page for his day to day ramblings.


If I discover any more interesting stuff I shall let you all know.