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New Arrival


Hunter, a set on Flickr.

Been a little quite for the past couple of weeks due to the arrival of my son Hunter Black.

He arrived precisely on his due date 25/01/2012 weighing 8lb15 at 16:37.

Pregnancy Pumpkin

With halloween approaching and my wifes pregnancy belly forever expanding we decided to have a bit of fun with the standard bump photography thats done around this stage.

So we grabbed some face paints and after a painstaking painting session that took around 30 mins we were ready to begin shooting.

We used my interfit EX150 2 light set again with a custom made backdrop stand, which once I iron out the issues experienced with stability I will post up here.

I had a shoot through umbrella to the camera right, lighting both the backdrop and the model, and a softbox camera left centred on the model.

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Marwell Zoo

So last week it was mine and Sian’s berfday, and despite both of us suffering with the Flu we did manage to drag ourselves out of the house and get ourselves to the Zoo.  I of course had the camera with me and it was a beautiful day.

Here is my favourite (Which is a wonderful sleeping Leopard)

Pool Party.. or should I say Bath Party

So Saturday we all ventured up to James place to take advantage of the swimming pool at the mansion.  It was clear on the journey down however that the weather was going to be less than sunny as visibility on the dual carriage way dropped to nothing.  It really was raining sideways.  Now some people would have just turned back at this point and gone home to their nice warm room with the telly.  Not us though.

We arrived and promptly set about checking the temperature of the pool, which was a nice 35 degrees, and it wasn’t long before we were all swimming in the rain.  The pool was so warm it was literally like a bath and none of us cared about the weather outside.  There were points when you couldn’t see across the pool because of the amount of steam rising from the water.

Here are some of pic’s I captured on the camera phone when I wasn’t busy in the pool, there is generally a pirate theme.


Photos from the Air Tattoo… Part 2

Ok so last time I posted I hadn’t had a chance to go through all of the photos that I had taken at RIAT 2009 (Royal International Air Tattoo) so I thought I would post up some more.  This collection also includes some more of the stars of the day.  The vulcan bomber xh558 which returned to the sky after 14 years (And over £9 million later) If you are interested in hearing more of the Vulcan I recommend you visit the trust website here

Also included are the legendary Red Arrows.  I really cannot stress how much the photos do not do them justice though.  I was extremely pleased to have captured the following shot which almost shows you how incredibly close they get (Unfortunately the focus is a tad on the soft side)

Happy Birthday Pam!

Yet another birthday this time its Pamela Perry (Bunce)

On this day in 1922 Egypt was granted independence by Great Britain, and yet another nuclear test as the US carries out its tests in the Nevada desert.

Hope you have a good birthday Pam!


Happy Birthday Pam!

Happy Birthday Pam!

Happy Birthday DK!

Cast your mind back 27 years when Margaret Thatcher was prime minister, Ronald Reagan was keeping affairs in order in the white house, Russia was running its first nuclear tests and Dean Kaxe was brought into the world kicking and screaming!

So Happy Birthday Voodoo_Hawk and we forgive you for being a bit weird but it was to be expected when you were born when Kraftwerk and Depeche mode were high in the charts!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!


Change of Plan!!!! For Halloween we shall be hosting the Mad Hatters tea party! You are each required to become a character from Alice in Wonderland and bring with you and interesting Tea and Tea pot!


Dark Cheshire Cat

Dark Cheshire Cat



Please see the future events forum for details and to mark your character

Perrys Stag Party

As I sit here reflecting on the weekend past I’m realising I’m hurting in places its not possible to hurt, but there is a kind of poetry within the pain as each bruise and each ache manage to tell their own little story.

So it started off on the Friday with a mad rush to get everything ready and into the little Vauxhall Zafira we hired to get us down to the seaside resort commonly known as Newquay. So lets fast forward a little bit as that is obviously an incredibly boring story. We eventually came into Newquay and with no plans on where we going to sleep that night we saw a sign for 10 pin bowling, eventually after a u-turn or 2 we pulled into the “Hotel California” (It is a requirement that you sing this name out loud whilst reading this) which promised us some pin action.

So we set them up and knocked them down and after some debating (The heavens opened) we abandoned the idea of camping and decided we would instead stay in the “Hotel California” so Perry set about getting us a good room deal. After the initial conversation it was clear that they didn’t want us to have the room for anything less than £60pp but Perry stuck to his guns and said when they came to their senses come and see us in the bowling alley (There were 4 lanes and everything)

So we bowled some frames without incident (Except the miners of Mordor did stop at some point and wouldn’t give us our balls back) and eventually the young lass from reception did come and find us and offered us the rooms for £50pp so we set about getting ready for the evening ahead.

The evening started much as it normally does with the consumption of some food and generous amounts of beer, which saw us winning a couple of hats and sunglasses branded with a certain beers corporate image. Steve managed to hold onto his hat for all of an hour before it was stolen in a drive by mugging but my hat managed to stay with me for the entire weekend (Almost in one piece too)

So to sum up the rest of Friday evening, beer, beer, Halos, beer and finally bed. And thats how it should have stayed, but for some reason I found myself outside the hotel room desperate for a piss after having already gone to bed which confused me slightly but a quick phone call to Perry requesting that he lets me in soon sorted that little problem out.

Eventually it was Saturday and after a quick pit stop at the breakfast table of the hotel we were on our way to the first activity of the day… Paintballing! Which started off in a worrying fashion as they we’re suprised to see us and had no recollection of us booking the weekend. That aside we started getting suited up and split up into teams. The hat was still with me at this point and I took pride in sitting it upon my visored head. With everyone in their various camouflage it was impossible to tell who was who, except for maybe Paul who had a bright green boiler suit which would work to his disadvantage later! :D


The Stag Group

The Stag Group



The games went by as they normally do with little breaks in between so people could mock each over etc etc, but by far the most interesting highlight would be the fact that every game so one would find Paul and shout “THERE’S PAUL” which would cause everyone to open fire on him until finally there was a cheer when he finally got shot. Other hightlights include the game where 1 team had to hide and all that could be heard over the battlefield is the following conversation.




“love you”


Now lets fast forward to the final game which is where most of my pain began. The reason for this was because the finally game was called “Hunt the Stag… and his best man” So after the initial countdown 14 guns opened fire on the 4 of us (There was another stag party with us) now in my infinite wisdom I decided I was gonna get as many of them as possible so I stood my ground thinking I could take the pain, but when everyone else had run off there was only really one target and it wasn’t long before the pain had become too much so I done what any self respecting man would have done. I ran away, losing my hat in the process, and as a hail of paintballs splattered on my back I had a rough idea what it would be like to be one of those middle eastern chaps who lay on the bed of nails but in this instance it was like a sumo wrestler had decided to belly flop on said middle eastern chap. Eventually my cowardice bought me to the end of the playing field where I met Perry huddled up behind a crate with not a single mark on him.

Bastard! So the paintballing out of the way we headed of to St Eval Go Karting track and after a short pause we were all racing around the track with tyres squealing. After the 2 15 mins sessions we consulted the print outs from the lap times and assigned trophys to 1st 2nd and 3rd places.

Then it was just a matter of getting back to the hotel and going out for some more beers, this went less than fanastically as we were all exhausted from the days activities. So through out the night the numbers slowly dropped until only 3 remained. Myself, Perry and Lee. Some how we managed to find the energy to carry on until we finally rolled up to the hotel at about 4.30 and then we proceeded to have an argument with little hitler who was just being plain awkward. The rest as they say is history, but as I sit here typing this with bruises all over my body from paintballs and car seats, my ribs and stomach hurt from laughing so much and with my legs in so much pain I’m thinking of having them removed I know 1 thing for sure.

I don’t think he’s gonna forget it in a hurry!

Pool Party!

Just thought I would update the website before I go and get some well deserved sleep!! Just finishing uploading all 279 photos that I took, no doubt most of them are pointless and crap judging by the state I was in but what the heck :)


Pool Party

Pool Party



For a sneak preview check out this link

Starwars: A New Hope Canteena remake!

I know 2 updates in 1 day I’m really spoiling you!!

Ok some of you may remember Jimbob’s birthday party which was Starwars themed and we had a little piss about when the cantina music came on. Well the hilarious remake of the canteena scene was videoed (Well 1 take was at least) and I have finally found it out and uploaded it.

I’m gonna post it on here but don’t forget to keep looking through the videos section as I’ll be adding more and more videos over the next few days. I think we should do this again but maybe this time Han can shoot first :)

The rest of the videos are here