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Wringcliff Bay

Wringcliff Bay by GaryBlack
Wringcliff Bay, a photo by GaryBlack on Flickr.

Decided to take a little trip out with the camera in the vain hope of discovering a new photo location. After a three and a half hour journey we stopped just outside Lynton/Lynmouth at “The Valley of the Rocks”.

When we got to the valley of the rocks the sun was just begining to set and we really were not feeling the rocks so we trekked off a little further up the coast and came across a small rocky bay which I later found out to be called Wringcliff bay.

The journey down to the water was a little perilous and we decided to pack up just before the sun dipped below the horizon for this very reason. Out of all the shots this was my favourite and was also the last one, wish we stuck around a little bit longer. Still at least we have now scouted out a good location

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